Benefits and Features of Solar Home Lighting System

Benefits and Features of Solar Home Lighting SystemThe best Solar Home Lighting System harnesses the energy of the sun for lighting up the home and for powering your appliances too. Explore its benefits and features.


With the advantages that fit in your budget as well as suits your environment, the best Solar Home Lighting System is not only an economical solution but an efficient and a reliable one also. Supplying illumination that is powered from the renewable energy of the sun, the solar cells incorporated in the system transforms the energy of the sun to the electricity. This electricity is preserved in the battery and is used to light up the space whenever required. The best home lighting is quite compact, easily mountable and portable. These systems are manufactured for the domestic applications. The components of this system include the solar cells, solar battery, charge controller, lamps and the fans.


Features of the Home Lighting System:-

  • Battery 12v 7 Ah
  • Mobile charger with an optional fan
  • Operation 3-4 hours
  • Autonomy 2 days
  • Temperature compensation for the best battery charging for various terrain and climatic conditions
  • Short circuit protection on the load side
  • Multi-level overload safeguard
  • Deep discharge fortification and efficientoverchargee
  • Battery reverses the polarity protection with the fuse
  • 3/4 LED indication systems
  • Low battery cut


What are the Benefits of this System?

    • Economical:-  Since the sun gives energy without any charge, one can enjoy thirty percent power savings on the electricity bills as well as a long backup lighting system at no running cost.
    • Non-Polluting:-  Powered by the renewable energy of the sun, this system is a clean source of illumination.
  • No Maintenance:- Solar home lighting system includes some moveable parts that reduce the danger of breakage. After it is installed, the system lasts for a long span of time and needs negligible attention.


The Kit of the System Includes:-

    • Solar Panels: – These panels are the solid semi-conductor devices, which convert the solar energy into electricity directly.
    • LED Lamps: – This system is equipped with two LED lamps comprising of eighteen LEDs in every lamp. Each LED lamp consumes almost 1.5 Watt nominal power and is found to be much more luminous than the CFL. These lamps last for almost 10,000 hours.
    • External Charger or the Grid: – In absence of the sunlight, the system can be charged with the help of this external charger, which can be connected to the primary electric supply directly.
  • Control Unit: – The compact system has a controller for protecting the battery from getting overcharged.

The ONergy Solar Home Lighting System is used at several locations besides homes like the verandahs, walkways, balcony, and in the non-electrified areas.

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